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This workshop is organized by the ERC project ‘Rethinking Disability’. It is intended to bring together early-career researchers from different fields working on international organizations, to discuss methodological challenges together with peers and established scholars.

The United Nations is seen by many as a rigid bureaucracy without sparkle, wit, or creativity. The general public—graciously stimulated by the mass media—sees a traveling circus, a talk shop, and paper-pushing. This is a very uneven view of the world organization. The story of the last seven decades is incomplete and misleading without a discussion of its goals and achievements, including its intellectual leadership.

Recently Anaïs van Ertvelde has written opinion piece in Dutch for the Belgian newspaper DeMorgen entitled: “Mindervalide is geen synoniem van zielig, Meryl” (“Disability is not a synonym for pitiable, Meryl”), wherein she critically discusses the treatment of disability by Hollywood.

The PhD candidates of our project are introduced in the newsletter of the Leiden Institute for History.

The preliminary programme of our first workshop (19-20 January) is published: Read the programme.