Public lecture: UN Ideas That Changed the World by Prof. Thomas G. Weiss, 14 June

Time and location

14 June 2017
17:00 – 18:00 hrs.
Wijnhaven Building
Turfmarkt 99
2511 DP Den Haag
Room 3.46

UN Ideas That Changed the World

The United Nations is seen by many as a rigid bureaucracy without sparkle, wit, or creativity. The general public—graciously stimulated by the mass media—sees a traveling circus, a talk shop, and paper-pushing. This is a very uneven view of the world organization. The story of the last seven decades is incomplete and misleading without a discussion of its goals and achievements, including its intellectual leadership. International organizations live or die by the quality and relevance of the policy ideas that they put forward and support. And it is of the essence to emphasize them—the good, the bad, the ugly. The lecture will spell out the findings of the decade-long UN Intellectual History Project.

This lecture is part of the conference ‘Calendar Propaganda’ of Human Rights? Historical Perspectives on the United Nations’ Global Observances.


All students, university staff and interested guests are are welcome to attend. There is no registration fee but please send an e-mail to by 12 June, 2017 if you want to join us.


“Mindervalide is geen synoniem van zielig, Meryl”

Recently Anaïs van Ertvelde has written opinion piece in Dutch for the Belgian newspaper DeMorgen entitled: “Mindervalide is geen synoniem van zielig, Meryl” (“Disability is not a synonym for pitiable, Meryl”), wherein she critically discusses the treatment of disability by Hollywood.

Click here (pdf.1) and here (pdf.2) to read the article.


Alternatively, you can read the article



Save the date 14-16 June

Save the date: on 14-16 June we will organize a conference about the history of United Nations observances, more information will be available as soon as possible!