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As part of the two-day workshop ‘Historians without Borders’, Corinne Pernet (University of Geneva) will be giving a public lecture on Thursday 22 March at Leiden University.

This workshop is organized by the ERC project ‘Rethinking Disability’. It is intended to bring together early-career researchers from different fields working on international organizations, to discuss methodological challenges together with peers and established scholars.

On 8 December Anaïs Van Ertvelde will give an introductory guest lecture on critical disability studies at the University of Gent. The lecture is part of a course for BA and MA students in literature, philosophy and sociology programmes.

The 3rd International Disability Studies Conference will be organised by the Stichting Disability Studies in Nederland. The conference will be hosted in Hotel Casa, Amsterdam, the Netherlands from  30 November – 2 December 2017.

Anna Derksen will present her paper: ‘The Disabled Body, Citizenship and Social Belonging: The International Year of Disabled Persons (1981) and Its Impacts on Welfare Policies and Civil Rights Debates in the Nordic Countries’ at the European Association for the History of Medicine and Health Conference on The Body Politic: States in the History of Medicine and Health.

Anna Derksen will present her paper ‘The Struggle for Disability Rights in a Development Context: Entanglements and Exchanges between Scandinavia and the Global South in the 1980s’ at the SOCIUM Social Policies and the Welfare State in the Global South Conference.

Time and location 14 June 2017 17:00 – 18:00 hrs. Wijnhaven Building Turfmarkt 99 2511 DP Den Haag Room 3.46

Conference: ‘Calendar Propaganda’ of Human Rights? Historical Perspectives on the United Nations’ Global Observances, Leiden University, The Hague Campus, 14-16 June, 2017.

Workshop: ‘Whose Welfare? Fresh Perspectives on the Post-war Welfare State and its Global Entanglements’, Leiden, 19-20 January 2017