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To the visitor who enters my sister’s school, it is immediately clear that things are done a little differently here. Across the main entrance, a flock of walkers, wheelchairs and other devices awaits their owners, not unlike bikes in front of other schools. You might be approached by a curious student who, using a communication […]

Welzijn wordt onder andere bepaald door geloof en rituelen. Tijdens deze activiteit verkennen we welke rol religie kan spelen in onze beleving van ziekte en gezondheid. Gezondheid is zoveel meer dan een bezoek aan de dokter. Ons welzijn wordt ook bepaald door geloof en rituelen: het branden van een kaars, gebeden zeggen, een ziekenzalving, het […]

Since March of 2020, government press conferences have been broadcast into our homes, at intervals ranging from about once every two weeks to every couple of months, when the situation was more stable. Often, when gathering around our TVs to hear what our government had in store for us, there would always be one measure […]

Health is a medical issue, right? The current covid-19 pandemic demonstrates that our wellbeing is not just the territory of doctors. “Health” does not only have to do with the absence of illness, but just as much with spiritual and public health. The short podcast series accompanying the research project ‘We have never been secular’ […]

In 2020 vieren we 75 jaar bevrijding. In datzelfde jaar zijn in Den Haag de Invictus Games en in Tokio de Paralympische Spelen, allebei sportevenementen voor mensen met een handicap. Het lijkt toeval dat Tweede Wereldoorlog en gehandicaptensport zo bij elkaar komen, maar niets is minder waar.

The ERC-funded project Rethinking Disability was featured in the Fȇte de La Science which was held on 11 October 2019 at Sorbonne University in Paris. Rethinking Disability is one of the ERC projects which was selected to collaborate with ERcComics, an ambitious scheme funded by the H2020 Innovation programme [..]

Call for blogposts: A Public Global History of the International Year of Disabled Persons (1981)

Virtuous Suffering: New perspectives on the Ethics of Suffering for Critical Global Health and Justice